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War against terrorism

“Go Green for Inquilaab”


This is certainly one of the worst times in the history of Pakistan with a complete downfall of almost everything in Pakistan. With a severe blow to the economic infrastructure, skyrocketing prices and inability of the government to provide the very basic necessities of everyday life (no gas for cooking food, no cng resulting in almost no transport for the huge majority of our population travelling by public transport and unaffordable petrol prices) let alone providing a decent living education and a decent lifestyle; we certainly don’t have any idea where this nation is headed to.


With more than 115 people dead in a single day in Quetta, Swat and Karachi and the brutal target killing of hundreds of people happening in Karachi, Peshawar and other areas on a regular basis it is not surprising that almost every person be it a youngster, an elderly or even a child; everyone is moved by the situation and a deep sense of frustration is creeping amongst them all. In this situation the protest held by the families of the deceased in Quetta gained strength when people from almost every sect; every city rose from their homes and joined hands for justice and a change in the government of Balochistan; the result was very encouraging and it proves that if our nation stands united it can defy against almost anything in its way and if we all stand united; there is a chance of a major change or “Inquilaab” as I put it in Pakistan. Because an Inquilaab is desperately needed in Pakistan otherwise we are on the verge of a complete failure.


Taking into consideration the changes that took place in Balochistan after the protest somehow I am looking forward to the long march. Though I am not a follower of Tahir ul Qadri but atleast the agenda; the questions behind the agenda and the huge number of people gathered to support this cause is giving me hope that this maybe the beginning of a change.


At this point we all as a nation need to stand united and fight in whatever way is possible for us especially the youth needs to play a strong role here in protesting for change since this is everyone’s responsibility; not only as a Muslim but also as  Whole Nation to protest against the wrongdoers and fight for our right. The media needs to play a positive role as well and instead of making pathetic plays based on oppressed women and family politics or political talk shows or a bunch of women sitting in front of the tv in the morning discussing their lunch menu; they need to make inspirational programs which should not only add moral values to our nation but also give them inspiration to stand up and fight for their right and fight for a better tomorrow.


Today there should be no Shiia Sunni, No Hindu Christian, No Ahmedi. No MQM, no PTI, no PPP, no ML instead today everyone needs to “Go Green” ; today everyone needs to stand for the solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan as one nation. Today everyone is Irfan Ali Khudi;everyone is a fighter for “Inquilaab” and establishment of Peace and Prosperity in our Country. Today everyone needs to “Go Green”.



The Jewel Valley and its Gems; Their Shine Long Gone


8:00 AM

 “Dear Diary, Its a bright Mingora morning here in Swat Valley; I just had my breakfast and now heading towards school. Last night I saw a strange dream. There was this lamp in middle of a dark jungle. Some people were trying to put it off because it seemed different and brighter, but every time they did, little fractions of flame lit up again, in different colors, lights and styles. I smiled on their nuisance, they couldn’t understand, ‘lights cannot be put off so easily”


As I read this excerpt from Malala’s Diary my eyes are wet with tears. This depicts how she was filled with optimism and hope, how her bright eyes shone with pride when she talked about her city Swat, when she talked about her father and when she talked about herself; being the first Pakhtoon girl from Pakistan to be nominated for an award.

Malala Yousafzai was a 14 year old child who wanted to study, to become a doctor one day and help humanity. I don’t know if she will be able to fulfill her dream now. Her Father; a renowned activist in Swat operated a Girl’s school. As he said in an interview “I fell in love with Malala the moment I set eyes on her as a new born” His eagerness to work for the education of little girls probably dates back to that day when he wanted his daughter to study and go ahead in life. He knew Malala was no ordinary child since the very beginning.

Malala came to public attention in 2009 by writing a diary for BBC Urdu about life under Taliban militants who had taken control of the valley. At that time she was just a little child of 11 years old and a time when she should have been talking about dolls, about colors and all the other childhood joys; she wrote about guns, about artillery, about fears, about death. As I read through her diary I couldn’t help shed tears when I scrolled though her descriptions of the Taliban, how hundreds of girl’s schools were burnt down, closed. I was sad at the fact that the girls couldn’t afford to wear school uniforms and instead wore plain clothes to school because otherwise the Taliban would be after their lives. And this is what happened…finally a Taliban succeeded in aiming a shot at little Malala.

I was compelled to think that is this still the 21st century? What disappointed me even more was that how were we all so naïve to this all? When I scroll through her diary I see how free access the Taliban had to FM at that time, how they were authorized to freely lurk and kill who so ever they didn’t see up to their mark?. How they so conveniently destroyed hundreds of girl’s schools in Swat; a city which was once one of the most beautiful expectacular reservoirs of natural beauty in Pakistan; a place where tourists from all over Pakistan and the globe came to visit.

I was sad to feel that when elite class women were busy shopping for expensive brands, lawns and what not in cities like Karachi and Islamabad; a woman was not even allowed to go to the market to buy day to day groceries in Swat. I was sad to imagine when so many socialites and elites send in their dumb children (those who are not actually interested in the studies but just the package of going to England) to places like England, when our politicians are able to afford luxurious security protocols for their children even in universities like Harvard; these innocent little children are not even able to go to their local school.


 I began to remember a description from “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by  Khaled Husseini where he describes how the Talibans did not even allow women going off to hospitals and how many women died during child birth just because they were not given access to a health facility.


The world needs to know that this is not what Islam is. The Taliban are clearly following some other God or Belief; this is not Islam which is certainly a religion of peace. Islam teaches equality between men and women; Islam tells everyone to get education, even women; we clearly have the examples of Hazrat Ayesha who taught women and also practiced as a tabib.

At one extreme is the Talibans and at the other extreme is the US with its constant bombing at numerous regions of Northern Pakistan with Drones; numerous lives almost every day are being taken in this. They attack whole weddings, schools, Army Bases claiming Taliban presence and whole families are swiped off; people who survive are left paralyzed. Is this what Pakistan is? And at the end all we do is open the NATO supply again just because they supposedly apologized? Is an apology just enough for all the lives they have taken? What if Malala had died in a drone attack instead? What would they say then? Would they still consider it manslaughter?.

s our country also turning into another Taliban led Afghanistan? Is this our future? And who is responsible for this? Where is the government at this point? I think it’s high time and we all need answers. We need to make ti clear to the world that we can’t sacrifice any more for the so called war on terrorism in which what I see is that only the common man is dying; no one else is affected.

Osama; Broken pieces jolted together

So Life and the world has taken another turn after the demise of Osama. The first turn was probably taken after 9/11 and since then the world is in a constant roller coaster ride.

But there are so many theories still untold and hidden! People have a very vague response to this incident in our part of the world as many believe that either Osama never existed or was an image created by the US  themselves just to target Muslim countries and that is exactly what they have been trying to do since then.

There is still so much left hidden and so much answerable both at the ends of our government and at the ends of the US Government.

Osama was accused of coming up with the high tech destruction plan of 9/11 and held responsible for so many deaths….or as they say deaths of AMERICAN People. (See other nations have probably lost the right to live or not to live).

After the 9/11 a strong movement was carried out throughout the world against Terrorism (Or was it actually against Muslims?). Afghanistan was targeted in order to find the most wanted person heading the deadly Al-Qaida but unfortunately with all due efforts the American Army failed to get to his neck.

Yes what they did not fail at was to completely destroy the infrastructure of the country, they did not fail to kill thousands of Afghani Men, women and children, they did not fail to target lots of schools, health facilities and all other necessary things there. Above all they defended themselves with the fact that they are doing a war against terrorism and never found guilty in killing those Innocent people there. (Now compare their AMERICAN LIVES lost at 9/11 and the innocent lives lost in Afghanistan….did they also not kill them brutally? aren’t they equally responsible for terrorism?, who is going to point out at them?)

Then one fine day the US President gets up in the morning and announces that there are chemical weapons in Iraq. (Did he dream it just like that??). Iraq is the next target, the US army ends up destroying Iraq too and to their utmost disappointment no chemical weapons were found. Yes what they did find was Saddam, who was not only killed but his whole prosecution shown to the whole world bit by bit.

Another lost loop is Aafia? Who was she? What did she do?. Is she alive? No one knows!.

Now comes the climax of the story. Pakistan is targeted on and off by Drone attacks and to the utmost disappointment of its nation numerous innocent people are being killed daily. Sawat; once one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan has now turned into a dark War area. Then one fine day a guy named Raymond Davis kills some innocent people, takes their pictures and is about to walk by when he is caught. We all see how different political people try to defend him, some of us hope that now some justice might come but we all hear him fly off to his country. The descendents of the murdered people have settled to the money they got. (Were they actually even left alive to receive the money?)

Now Osama is killed in an operation by the US near the army base in Kakul and just overnight his dead body reaches Mr. Obama and he announces his demise. People gather around White house to celebrate their success But I wonder, how was such a huge crowd gathered in just one morning?, how did the dead body reach so quickly?, why did they dump the dead body in water? Did they actually kill him?

Now after Osama’s so called death; all one can hear from the western media is threats and answers from Pakistan as to why was Osama kept hidden?, why was he given a place to live in one of the most secure areas and that too in a huge mansion. Was Osama actually here? (I doubt again). Isn’t it very clearly another game played by the US to target now another country which unfortunately happens to be ours?. I don’t think Osama ever existed or even if he did exist I don’t believe he was where they found him and killed him.

I am not an analyst, I am not someone into politics, I am no one important and I do not know how much of the above controversies are correct but I am a common man belonging to the land of Pakistan and all this turmoil hurts my soul. This is high time we all unite as a strong nation to be able to fight whatever comes in our way instead of breaking our own ways apart as that will lead us nowhere. 

The child who dies everyday in the war of terrorism


It was a picture of great pain, melancholy and disaster as the little child lay there aimlessly and motionlessly on the grass, waiting for something but … for what?

The twinkle in his eyes was slowly fading, the winds rushed harshly and cruelly blowing the hair over his face, but his hand didn’t have the energy to tuck them back in place. The skies above him were graying into an unusual figure as if opening out their arms to embrace the soul of the youth. Yes, he was waiting for the rays of death to come and preach his soul. The pain and agony was very hard to bear and feel. A large area around him was covered with red fluid flowing out of his body, showing us the fate of this boy but what had he done? What was he punished for?

Maybe his only fault was that he was born in a state where war was the destiny of every one. Maybe his fault was that in spite of all the pressures, he had set off to go to school in the morning, not knowing that he would be hit by a rocket bomber. He was a little boy; hardly eight or nine years of age, filled with joy and laughter, filled with ambitions and desires in his life! I had seen him once and had asked him about his dreams and ambitions and he had said ” i will become a pilot and then i will teach a lesson to these fighter planes” . Now his wishes would never be fulfilled! Being a child he probably couldn’t understand the fact that he was living in a place where the allies considered this retched war sacred. Was this sacred? Was the death of this little child sacred?!

Children are the angels of God, didn’t the bomber for once think about that. There were so many other people around who were killed too with this bomb. What was their fault? Just that they belonged to a different religion? Just that they loved their land and despite all the war around them they didn’t want to leave their beloved land? Don’t the people who throw rocket bombers have children of their own? Can’t they just for once feel the pain and agony in the eyes of the parents of these innocent children who die every day?


The child’s breath was getting slower and slower, his lips trembling, either of fear or of hatred I do not know, maybe of both!. No one was there to rescue him or console him. Near him laid on the ground a few burnt books from his bag absorbing blood from his body, books, which read out the Kalma, and books which said that all Muslims were brothers and that it was a big sin to hurt any other human being either by words or by actions. I tried to see through the expression in his eyes just to make out what he must be thinking at that moment. His soul must have been wondering that maybe the books were wrong or that he had done a mistake for which he was punished? He would never get the answer!

His family was crying quietly in their broken house, as they knew what would happen to him within a few minutes. What will happen of his mother, his young and innocent brother and sister now? Who will protect them now from the sharp clutches of the evils who are responsible for the sorrowful condition of the youth. They had killed his father too the same way. Will his brother have to bear the same pain? Will he go through the same agony? Will he have to do the same struggle his father and brother had to do? Would he ever be able to go to school? Will these people ever succeed in getting some happiness in their lives?. People who give long speeches on terrorism where are they now. How come this doesn’t seem terrorism to them. How could they be so self centered!

Then suddenly the winds increased in their intensity, the skies absorbed the redness of his blood in their color and the angel of death with all his darkness proceeded towards the earth where the young youth lay motionless waiting for him to come and protrude out his last breaths from his body. The angel approached him, gently pulled out his soul and started his journey back to the sky, but this time not alone, instead the youth’s soul accompanied him quietly!

Everything was over now. The skies turned to normal again. The blood of the youth had been dried out in the grassy grounds and his books. His eyes had lost all the last gleams in them. His lips had stopped trembling now and were turning pale and blue.

His face was completely blank. One couldn’t distinguish his frown from his smile. Was he at peace now or was he still going through another pain?  Another agony? Did he reach his destination now or was he still in a never ending journey?


Will his body be granted a grave or will it have to rot here like all the other bodies, until his bones protrude out and the flesh is completely gone?, leaving behind only the skull and bones which will too vanish into the residue as time passes onwards. His father and his ancestors were killed in the same way. Their bodies too were deprived of a grave; they too were inclined to rot where they lay.

Will the family of this little child and all the other people around them suffer like this forever? Will these people ever succeed in living a normal life…the kind of life we all are living? Will they ever be able to get some education or some peace while living on their own land? How much more will people suffer in places like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir? How many more people will die because of the suicide bombers? how many more catastrophes like the 9/11 will take place and is there an end to all of this misery?

It is so easy to just come on the television; make long speeches about terrorism but is someone actually trying to do something about it? How many more groups like Alqaeda will take over the mask of a peaceful religion like Islam; defame it and all the other muslims by killing innocent people? Islam has not taught this. It is something they have come up with themselves. How many more people will become victims of the war of terrorism going on? I do not know if there is actually an answer to any of these questions, maybe no one knows!

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