Ok I’ll be very honest here. Taking care of your little one can be very overwhelming and I mean really overwhelming honestly. At least that’s how things started at my end; when my little daughter (now 5 months old) was born; I was very apprehensive and overwhelmed. Instead of enjoying those moments I was either upset or depressed or frustrated at the thought of very little or almost no help around with the baby. I didn’t know who to look upto since my family wasn’t in town and my husband was very busy with his work (would be going at 8 in the morning and came back at 8 in the night) and my in laws who live with us……. Well they were busy with another kid who began coming to our place the very next day my daughter was born. I won’t go into the depth here but this kid who is just 6 months older than my baby began coming to our place the day I got discharged from the hospital and this was the day when my daughter was only 4 days old and I sooo needed help with her.

Having a c section made it so difficult to do even the very simple tasks like getting up and picking up my baby, trying to give her a bath, going to the washroom and taking a shower, making something for myself for breakfast. But since my mum in law was busy with this other kid I had to do everything all by myself except giving my daughter a bath since she was soooo fragile at that moment and I really didn’t know how to manage and handle her during a bath. So mum in law would wait for the other kid to sleep and then we’d give my daughter a bath. It was a very tough time for me and I would be in tears by the end of the day after spending the whole day alone with my baby in my room. I had to get up and make my own breakfast since the very next day of getting discharged from the hospital; I washed my baby’s clothes myself since the very same day. I know I sound so bad and I know I am venting here but see I don’t get it; what was the use of living in a joint family system if we didn’t get any help at the time it was most needed.

Ok I may be mad at my in-laws but it wasn’t their fault either since they did try their best but things just weren’t working out the way they should have been. I believe the parents of the other kid should have been more considerate in leaving their kid at our place with my mum in-law and at least they should have waited for another week or so; at least I would have gotten a proper time to heal around, the parents of this other kid could have taken off from their work for at least a few days …. What is family for anyways if they can’t be there for you or help you when you are in need? Instead of leaving their kid at our place I had actually expected some help with the baby but instead of being a helping hand they even took away the few helping hands I could have gotten from my mum in law. And though I healed quickly, by the tenth day I even began making meals for the family at my home since there wasn’t any other choice but the hurt is still there and it just won’t go away like that. And whenever I see this other kid I remember how unfair her parents were with me when I really needed help but I guess this is how life is supposed to be!. I believe that tables will turn someday! I just wish for once that they could realize their mistake….. That’s all I want ….. Just a little sorry but I know this is not happening! So much for understanding the philosophy of a joint family system.