Whenever I think of my childhood and my mother I remember her baking cakes and how I loved eating the raw batter and how my mom dad used to tell me not to but I somehow still used to sneak into and get some raw batter. Thoughts of baking brought me those memories …… memories of my mother and somehow they hurt………. Why they hurt you’ll find out in a few blogs sooner but right now the focus is on baking. For years I avoided anything to do with baking because I didn’t want to miss those memories of my mom ……. But I guess this didn’t last long. As soon as my daughter was born all I wanted to do was to learn how to bake so that I m able to make one really nice one for my daughter’s birthday.

Well this new love wasn’t born just like that; but I had a strong inspiration from someone: I read an article about a woman named Saira Faruqi in Dawn and I couldn’t help checkout her cakes and man are they yummy!!!!. So this is what brought some inspiration. If you want to check out her work you can visit this Facebook page:


Well what attracted me are fondant cakes; well don’t worry I can’t make fondant cakes right now but I will one day Insha’Allah. I know I will. Although it won’t be for work purposes I just want to learn baking for myself and my daughter and husband. Here I won’t be sharing my expertise with you guys since I m not an expert on this subject from any angle but my experiments of how I am learning baking day by day so that I may be able to learn some more stuff about things I may be missing here. And who knows maybe someday I might upload pictures of my hand made awesome fondant cakes. 

So these days all I m doing is mastering the art of baking simple cakes; it doesn’t include icing yet since I did try to make buttercream icing but it didn’t work out yet. But I am hoping I will be able to make one with buttercream icing and then fondant icing one day too. I am sharing all this here so that I may be able to learn stuff about baking here.

I began with doing loads and loads of research about cakes and their recipes and the first cake I made was a plain vanilla cake.

The recipe is from Glorious Treats since I just love her cakes and her photography and I wish that someday I can bake just like her. Well the recipe turned out just wonderful.

Then somehow it struck me to make a rainbow cake and I searched for the procedure and it seemed very simple. Though I am calling it a rainbow cake but I only had three colours; pink, purple, green and orange. I just added those colours to my vanilla cake batter and viola …. It turned quiet fabulous.

Here are a few images from my 4 coloured rainbow cake .





If you want the recipe please check out this link by glorious treats since the recipe is hers.


Once you visit her blog; you’ll simply love her cakes and her food photography. I am simply in love with her work and I wish someday I am able to make the buttercream just like her … somehow my turns out very runny.  maybe it has to do with the weather here in Karachi.

Another person who has not only impressed me but has also helped me out with my baking is a friend of my best friend; and this is her facebook page.


She gave me lots of suggestions and tips for improvement and I am sure I will be needing lots of help from her in the future as well. I am simply in love with her flower techniques and her happy home cake. She is a self learner and is still improvising her work day by day.

I’ll share more of my work as I progress. Till than happy baking.