Me and Hubby watched the whole House series this summer and it ended just two days back and I must say it seemed like the end of an era. After Friends probably House was the only series which left a huge impact on my life….. Really a huge impact. Yes Gray’s Anatomy is a different genre but nothing in comparison to House.

While hubby was more impressed by the way House solved problems, I on the other hand was really in love with the personalities that House and Wilson depicted; I could soo relate to House in so many ways (atleast my hubby thinks I m cold hearted like him ;))

The thing which really inspired me was house’s sarcasm. We all relate to stuff that he believed or he said in some way or the other but usually either we are too scared to admit it because of the fear of being judged or there are some people who consider it really wrong morally. I guess I don’t belong to either of the categories.


I also believe that everybody lies…… it’s just a matter of what we lie about. We all portray life to be different; either we want to prove that ours is much better and other times we like to show that ours is really worse; that we are the real sufferers.

House was someone who did not believe in family; did not believe in bonding. That bonding, love hurts and it sure does. Love, expectations they all hurt. House was truthful to the point that it could hurt someone so badly but he said the truth filled with sarcasm. We all want to be able to get the guts to tell the truth to so many people in our lives but either we are afraid of hurting them or losing them or we are just scared of the consequences and we shut up.

Another interesting thing depicted is that when people care excessively it is not normal; it usually has some motive. And then there are few people who do care but they believe that showing that they care makes them vulnerable; weak.


The reality is irrelevant. It definitely is. People look at the world and others by their own perspective. Most people don’t want to accept the realities or face the truth. Very few people look at the depth of everything and are able to judge personalities. The world has become very materialistic; we judge people by worldly materialistic things.

Another interesting thing House believed and to which I totally agree is that Parents damage their children. I totally agree to this. Sometimes being overly loved damages us. Sometimes being less loved or less around them damages us. Some parents end up putting too many responsibilities on their kids and manipulate them in such a way that they end up believing that this is their job; that this is their sole responsibility to do all of this and if they don’t then they fail as children. Here also the parents damage in such a way that the kid even fails to understand or apprehend that he/she has been totally damaged as a person by his parents. Then there are the other set of people like house who end up avoiding their parents as much as they can because meeting them means being hurt … I belong to this category. But since no one can be completely like house, so not meeting them means lots of guilt, lots of ifs and buts and lots of “Kaash”.(in Urdu means I wish).


Wanting to Believe the best about people doesn’t make it true. People we love; people who have been important in our lives we don’t want them to be wrong. We always want to see them through beautifully tinted glasses but that’s not always true. They are usually not the most perfect people what the whole world considers them to be. This can be hurting especially when we finally come to terms in believing what they actually are and what we have been considering them. This happens with me lots of times. I want to believe that generally people are nicer, that people are harmless but my experiences have usually proved otherwise.


Normal is overrated. It certainly is. And everyone has their own definition of being normal; we shouldn’t impose our normality on other people it just isn’t fair. People have different personalities and different wants, something that I like can be despised by someone else and this shouldn’t be an issue; this should be accepted as the universal fact that we all are different and it is COMPLETELY OK to be different. What is not ok is to want people to act and think like us. What is not normal is to assume that people will do what we expect out of them. I guess this is something I also need to accept in life and realize. That I can’t make people do stuff that I want; yes but I can expect them to let ME DO What I want in life!.

Another aspect depicted in this series is that there is an end to everything; whether good or bad has come to an end; as we all know ….. In the End Everybody Dies.


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