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“Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey Qadam Qadam Aabad tujhe…Qadam Qadam aabad”

 (Beautiful Land… May Allah Bless you with Prosperity…. A never ending Prosperity)

Even today when I listen to this melody I cannot help but shed a tear or two from my eye. My heart still aches when the poet prays for this land… My Land and I cannot stop but look at the sky and say a silent prayer to my God “Oh Lord please protect my Land; please bring peace and prosperity to this land”.

I look out of the window and see children wearing green shirts and playing cricket in the streets. And why wouldn’t they? It is the match season. I cannot stop but give out a big smile; after all; cricket is the pride of our nation. Yes people try to ruin it; they always have and I frown at the thought of Omer…

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