This is certainly one of the worst times in the history of Pakistan with a complete downfall of almost everything in Pakistan. With a severe blow to the economic infrastructure, skyrocketing prices and inability of the government to provide the very basic necessities of everyday life (no gas for cooking food, no cng resulting in almost no transport for the huge majority of our population travelling by public transport and unaffordable petrol prices) let alone providing a decent living education and a decent lifestyle; we certainly don’t have any idea where this nation is headed to.


With more than 115 people dead in a single day in Quetta, Swat and Karachi and the brutal target killing of hundreds of people happening in Karachi, Peshawar and other areas on a regular basis it is not surprising that almost every person be it a youngster, an elderly or even a child; everyone is moved by the situation and a deep sense of frustration is creeping amongst them all. In this situation the protest held by the families of the deceased in Quetta gained strength when people from almost every sect; every city rose from their homes and joined hands for justice and a change in the government of Balochistan; the result was very encouraging and it proves that if our nation stands united it can defy against almost anything in its way and if we all stand united; there is a chance of a major change or “Inquilaab” as I put it in Pakistan. Because an Inquilaab is desperately needed in Pakistan otherwise we are on the verge of a complete failure.


Taking into consideration the changes that took place in Balochistan after the protest somehow I am looking forward to the long march. Though I am not a follower of Tahir ul Qadri but atleast the agenda; the questions behind the agenda and the huge number of people gathered to support this cause is giving me hope that this maybe the beginning of a change.


At this point we all as a nation need to stand united and fight in whatever way is possible for us especially the youth needs to play a strong role here in protesting for change since this is everyone’s responsibility; not only as a Muslim but also as  Whole Nation to protest against the wrongdoers and fight for our right. The media needs to play a positive role as well and instead of making pathetic plays based on oppressed women and family politics or political talk shows or a bunch of women sitting in front of the tv in the morning discussing their lunch menu; they need to make inspirational programs which should not only add moral values to our nation but also give them inspiration to stand up and fight for their right and fight for a better tomorrow.


Today there should be no Shiia Sunni, No Hindu Christian, No Ahmedi. No MQM, no PTI, no PPP, no ML instead today everyone needs to “Go Green” ; today everyone needs to stand for the solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan as one nation. Today everyone is Irfan Ali Khudi;everyone is a fighter for “Inquilaab” and establishment of Peace and Prosperity in our Country. Today everyone needs to “Go Green”.