So when was the last time you stepped out of a meeting looking like that? When was the last time you found your Key customers asleep during a conference which was of much importance to you? When’s the last time you yourself were confused and drowsy during a meeting? Not very long ago? Oh just last week?….I thought so.

Corporate meetings are an event where everyone comes in with a very serious mode hoping to listen to something very important and to be able to learn something new every time. When Newbie’s in the industry like me go to such meetings, all they can be amazed at are the extent of seriousness prevalent at the meeting hall. “Are we all supposed to be actually so serious?” one wonders.

There are long discussions and talks about finance and other measurable parameters, about numbers, numbers and numbers (Phew……all of the stuff we used to run away from; in school)

I believe meetings could be more fun if they were more interactive, if they were in lighter modes then the current ones and if they did not deviate from the actual paths. 

Another aspect is that corporate meetings are a good forum for communications between employees outside the digital format and outside our cubicles (The so called “office ke chaar deewari” we get so used to…that we prefer meeting screens more then meeting peopleJ)

Regular measures to improve Face to Face Employee interaction and small employee gatherings should be taken from time to time.

Medical Meetings and Conferences have a totally different genre of seriousness and boredom. Maybe all those long years of studies and research renders doctors to have just lost even the very last touches of Humor (except for some exceptions of course?).

Medical meetings are endless presentations based on facts and figures and lots of information for the practitioner but at times the slides are overloaded. At times there is a group of junior doctors sitting at the corner, constantly busy in a long never ending chatter. (Its not their fault probably… I bet they can’t understand the heavily loaded slides)

Not everything about meetings is serious after all. There is always the “tea and cookies” break when many people like me (or maybe just meL?) give a big sigh of relief (“Atleast something to open our mouths for…😉”) so enjoy your cookies now.