So Life and the world has taken another turn after the demise of Osama. The first turn was probably taken after 9/11 and since then the world is in a constant roller coaster ride.

But there are so many theories still untold and hidden! People have a very vague response to this incident in our part of the world as many believe that either Osama never existed or was an image created by the US  themselves just to target Muslim countries and that is exactly what they have been trying to do since then.

There is still so much left hidden and so much answerable both at the ends of our government and at the ends of the US Government.

Osama was accused of coming up with the high tech destruction plan of 9/11 and held responsible for so many deaths….or as they say deaths of AMERICAN People. (See other nations have probably lost the right to live or not to live).

After the 9/11 a strong movement was carried out throughout the world against Terrorism (Or was it actually against Muslims?). Afghanistan was targeted in order to find the most wanted person heading the deadly Al-Qaida but unfortunately with all due efforts the American Army failed to get to his neck.

Yes what they did not fail at was to completely destroy the infrastructure of the country, they did not fail to kill thousands of Afghani Men, women and children, they did not fail to target lots of schools, health facilities and all other necessary things there. Above all they defended themselves with the fact that they are doing a war against terrorism and never found guilty in killing those Innocent people there. (Now compare their AMERICAN LIVES lost at 9/11 and the innocent lives lost in Afghanistan….did they also not kill them brutally? aren’t they equally responsible for terrorism?, who is going to point out at them?)

Then one fine day the US President gets up in the morning and announces that there are chemical weapons in Iraq. (Did he dream it just like that??). Iraq is the next target, the US army ends up destroying Iraq too and to their utmost disappointment no chemical weapons were found. Yes what they did find was Saddam, who was not only killed but his whole prosecution shown to the whole world bit by bit.

Another lost loop is Aafia? Who was she? What did she do?. Is she alive? No one knows!.

Now comes the climax of the story. Pakistan is targeted on and off by Drone attacks and to the utmost disappointment of its nation numerous innocent people are being killed daily. Sawat; once one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan has now turned into a dark War area. Then one fine day a guy named Raymond Davis kills some innocent people, takes their pictures and is about to walk by when he is caught. We all see how different political people try to defend him, some of us hope that now some justice might come but we all hear him fly off to his country. The descendents of the murdered people have settled to the money they got. (Were they actually even left alive to receive the money?)

Now Osama is killed in an operation by the US near the army base in Kakul and just overnight his dead body reaches Mr. Obama and he announces his demise. People gather around White house to celebrate their success But I wonder, how was such a huge crowd gathered in just one morning?, how did the dead body reach so quickly?, why did they dump the dead body in water? Did they actually kill him?

Now after Osama’s so called death; all one can hear from the western media is threats and answers from Pakistan as to why was Osama kept hidden?, why was he given a place to live in one of the most secure areas and that too in a huge mansion. Was Osama actually here? (I doubt again). Isn’t it very clearly another game played by the US to target now another country which unfortunately happens to be ours?. I don’t think Osama ever existed or even if he did exist I don’t believe he was where they found him and killed him.

I am not an analyst, I am not someone into politics, I am no one important and I do not know how much of the above controversies are correct but I am a common man belonging to the land of Pakistan and all this turmoil hurts my soul. This is high time we all unite as a strong nation to be able to fight whatever comes in our way instead of breaking our own ways apart as that will lead us nowhere.