I dont know…. Life definitely has been good with me .. maybe i havent put in much effort?. I just wished to be best at something…. but i guess i havent been able to excel anything as yet in life. I was a good student in class, used to secure 4th or 5th position┬ábut i was not the best. When i landed in the Medical school people used to think i might get a distinction ( I guess even i thought the same ;)), i was close but i never got a distinction.

i was attractive but i was never one of the very beautiful ones who’d make people turn around ( not that i wanted that), i was a good daughter but not the most perfect one, i’d end up in arguments with my parents too and now i believe i am not the very best wife, i might be good but i am not the very best.

Similarly at work i was good at the clinicals but i was always 2nd or 3rd best not THE best, i guess i decided to switch lines and landed in a pharmaceutical sector.. here even though i try my very best but i guess i still am not the best. I am new in marketing, need to learn so much each day and just this fact makes me so down that still there is so much i don’t know. There are times when i think ok i have done a great job and the very next moment i find some other trainee doing something way too better and innovatively then me, leaving me down again.

Hmm…. i wonder will i ever be best at something?.