A few days back I got hold of a very interesting book written by a very well known writer of the 70s, Ibn-e-Insha. The name of the book is “The last book of Urdu” and when I was going through it I just realized that our problems were still the same even in 1970?. The book is a very interesting and controversial book in which he writes of the political turmoil present at that time in a very comic yet sarcastic manner. Some of his wordings and paragraphs depict so much of depth that one actually begins thinking that if our country was still the same some 40 years back then what did we achieve after all in making a separate nation? What was the spirit that people actually wanted to make a separate homeland? And when this homeland was eventually made, did they actually achieve what they wanted? Ibn-e Insha writes in his book about how the legislations and the big politicians were a big fraud in that era, he writes of how things were becoming expensive day by day, he also writes of the shortage of water and unavailability of electricity and one is condemned to ask that if nothing changed in these last 40 years then what actually did change?

Isn’t it so true that day by day we are going backward and we are lacking immensely in almost everything. We as a nation lack so many moral values, look at the streets around us; not one single road is clean, no single wall left untouched with spray paint scribbling. Just get stuck in the traffic jam in our country once and we get to see exactly the level of tolerance of our beings and the language misconduct followed by that. I was just passing by some teenagers in a café’, all were busy puffing out smoke from a sheesha; is this the direction where we actually wanted our youth to head to? Was this what our ancestors actually wanted?. Where have all the moral values flown off of all of us as a nation. For how many more years will we all sleep in dormant caves inside ourselves; not wanting to make any change in our surrounding and not wanting to just get up and make a difference? Whenever there is a blast in NWFP or some other region we all close our eyes and Thank God that “oh Thanks Allah it didn’t happen here in Karachi, or Lahore or Islamabad”, but isn’t it  clear that it is not too late that we might be the ones blown up too in a blast or other just like that. When will we actually realize the importance of this?  I wonder was this the reason we actually wanted an independent country? To make it as corrupt and as unattended and unquestioned as possible; we do not like to be questioned at all for our faults, we just cannot bear anyone pointing out our mistakes . . . how will we carry on like this? How much more corrupt can we actually become without becoming completely destroyed?

It is time we actually need to come up with some difference to our own individual attitudes in life. We really need to do something about it, I do not want people who read this article of mine some 40 years back to laugh back thinking that oh my god this article was written in 2010 and we are still standing on the same grounds, instead I would want to have made some difference, and I would want people to ridicule this article of mine after some 30- 40 years that no we just can’t believe that Pakistan was in such a turmoil in 2010; the writer is just making up.  I wish this actually happens and I am able to witness such situation in my life.